๐Ÿ”‹Energy Box

Detalhes sobre o funcionamento & ganhos dos Energy's Box

Earnings Each Energy Box has its own Return on Investiment Rate (ROI), based on categories. Each category has a distance (km or miles) autonomy meaning a total limit of km or miles driven. Important to remember that all ROI is DrivePoint rewarded. The most powerful the Energy Box (higher categories) the most is the reward per distance. All the calculations of rewards are not public due to security issues, but the average reward for each Energy Box is as follow:

START - 0,5 to 1,05 DrivePoints per Km or miles

PLUS - to be informed.

TOP - to be informed.

PREMIUM - to be informed.

To assure equal conditions to everyone, and to avoid 'cheating', fraud and misbehavior, every Energy Box has a breaking circuit which is automatically triggered whenever the uses reachs 25% of its energy. The Breaking circuit time may vary according the categories.

Each Energy Box comes with 100% energy and the breaks represents:

START - BREAK-TIME - 2 Hrs every 25%

PLUS - BREAK-TIME - 3 Hrs every 25%

TOP - BREAK-TIME - 4 Hrs every 25%

PREMIUM - BREAK TIME - 6 Hrs every 25%

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