๐Ÿ’ฐApp Internal Economy

How does it work?

It is simple: all the app economy is based on Drivepoints and Drivepoints value is paired in US dollar. So, at the moment, 1 Drivepoint is equivalent to 1$ USD.

Whenever you connect your wallets, you can swap your DriveCrypto to Drivepoints and, through Drivepoints you can buy anything in our marketplace and portfolio.



DRIVE2EARN mode will reward you in DrivePoints. All APP economy centers around DrivePoints. So every distance, in km or miles, will be valued in DrivePoints. And, at the end of your journey, you can swap it to DriveCrypto.

As an example: You have driven and earnt 110 Drivepoints that, today, represent 110 USD. You go to Swap button - and convert 110 DrivePoints into DriveCrypto, using the token price/value at the moment (quotation based on listing). In this way, you always will get 1$ USD per 1$ DrivePoint and the conversion into DriveCrypto will follow market prices. Ie.: 110 DrivePoints = 110$ USD. Lets say, at this moment, 1 DriveCrypto values 2$ USD. So, you going to swap 110 DrivePoints to 55$ DriveCrypto.

Important Note: all transactions are subject to taxes in order to maintain the project ecosystem.

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