๐Ÿš—Drive to Earn Tokens Mode

Drive to Earn Tokens

5. Click on NFT-DriveStore, choose the Car NFT you want and use your DriveCrypto token as payment.

6. Now, after your Car NFT, Batteries are needed - and you can get them through Energy Box NFT.

7. You can draw one of the 4 Energy categories buying an Energy Box or you may pick directly the one you want for your Car NFT. Use your $DriveCrypto tokens as payment.



8. Now you have chosen your Car and Energy Box NFTs you need to open the APP. Press start button and drive2earn is already able to calculate your routes and distances.

9. As you start driving your car, your ENERGY BOX NFT will pay your "Drive2Earn" in DrivePoints, according to the distance and batteries type (energy box).

10. As soon as you get to your destination, you will be able to swap your DrivePoints for DriveCrypto or buy some other NFTS wether Car or Energy Box. You may withdraw your earnings as well.

Note: Swap transaction - DrivePoints to DriveCrypto - directly on APP.

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