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Unimetaverso Labs - Utility token DriveCrypto ($DRIVECRYPTO)
DRIVE CRYPTO is the first web3 mobility app developed based on DRIVE TO EARN concept gathering GameFI/SocialFi. It has been built around an essential daily task for most of the people: using an vehicle to move from one place to another. We are the first crypto space project which effectively bring to life a concept of mobility and functional gain.
The users can fit themselves with Cars' NFTS - electric cars and Batteries' NFTS - eletric power that calculate each distance driven wether km or mile. By this calculation, users will get theirs rewards in gamefi tokens - which can be used in game or transfered to theirs wallets.
Each Car NTF is unique and rare as they are one edition only and there won't be two of a kind. In this way, we expect a great price appreciation on Cars NFTs.
Cars NFT can be used not only on DRIVE2EARN APP but also on Racing GameFi mode, competing with other users and players - in 'need for speed' way. Best three racers will get rewards on $DriveCrypto.
All the Cars' NFTs owners will be able to sell them on the first exclusive and car's only marketplace - NFT-DriveStore.
DRIVE CRYPTO also is willing to be a contributor on needed infrastructure to meet the electric cars energy demand - in this way, part of the project profits will be used on the charging stations instals - in order to diminish climate changes impacts as well as Carbon Credits generation.
DRIVE CRYPTO goes beyond and above a GameFi/SocialFi project - we are here to change environmental mindset through a long term web3 ecosystem.
Disclaimer: DriveCrypto is under development and this document may be updated anytime to reflect the reality of the project.
Last modified 1yr ago